Minnesota state law requires parental notification of a minor’s decision to have an abortion. A minor is anyone under the age of 18.

If the minor chooses to notify her parents, she will:
Bring her certified birth certificate and picture ID to the clinic.
Bring both biological parents with her to the clinic. Photo ID is required.
If only one parent can come to the clinic, we need a notarized statement from the absent parent stating awareness of the pregnancy and abortion decision.
If neither parent is able to come to the clinic, a separate, notarized statement from each parent is required.
If the parents are not able to obtain a notarized statement, we can send a registered letter to notify them of the abortion appointment. The minor will need to wait at least 72 hours after the letter was mailed before the abortion can be performed.
If the minor has not had contact with a parent but parental rights have not been terminated, parental notification still applies.
If a parent is deceased, proof of death is required.
If a parent is incarcerated, a notarized letter is required

If the minor chooses to not tell her parents:

Call our clinic to inquire about the judicial by-pass process. In most cases, the court appointment and abortion procedure can be coordinated for the same day.

Emancipated minor
If a minor is emancipated, we require documented proof. We accept court documents of emancipation, rental agreements, rent receipts and utility statements that are registered in the minor’s name.


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